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Fire Damage Restoration

San Diego's premier fire damage restoration and disaster restoration company, specializing in water damage restoration and mold removal services.

A fire is a horrible experience. Your house and belongings are damaged, or your company has to be closed for repairs. Your family or workers are actually in shock and mentally traumatized, not forgetting you are losing money. When you hire a fire damage restoration company, you may expect them to be professional, polite and understanding. Experts at Vital Restoration understand how to do fire damage cleanup rapidly and efficiently.

What we do and how we work:

Free Site Survey & Estimate

When you need professional fire damage restoration services in the Bay Area, call us today at 650-262-4545. We’ll provide you a no cost estimate to determine the extent of the damage, evaluate the necessary steps required for restoration, and calculate the cost and time needed.

Restoration Process Overview

We are going to do all it requires to restore your house or business back to its original condition. By clearing out smoke, soot and odors, washing surfaces and repainting, fixing or changing areas of the structure, your house will be as good as new.


As soon as you hire us to manage your fire damage cleanup, a certified specialist will go to the site and perform an examination. She or he will make a determination regarding how much damage was done to your house or company by fire, smoke, water or chemicals. Resulting from the examination, we are able to develop a plan to clean and recover your property. As soon as your insurance company authorize the plan, the work can start. It is essential to start restoration and cleaning as quickly as possible after a fire, because the longer you wait, the worse the damage will be.

Clear Out Odors

The first things we will execute is to bring in huge, industrial fans to take away smoke and odors from the harmed area. This is a vital step, because smoke can contain corrosive materials that will continuously damage your home appliances, electronics, furniture and surfaces until it is eliminated. The fans also assist to dry out walls and floors that might have been affected by water.

Remove Residue

As soon as smoke and odors are eliminated, the our restoration services staff will go through the area and clean soot from walls, ceilings and floors. This may involve covering metal surfaces with petroleum jelly to preserve them from deterioration, eliminating wet carpeting to preserve wooden floors from warping, or other actions to stop mold development. Walls, ceilings and woodwork will be cleaned with trisodium phosphate to eliminate soot. This might need to be repeated more than once to remove all spots.

Protect Unaffected Sections

If certain parts of your house or business were not associated with the fire, the fire restoration services team will close off those places to keep odors and soot from shifting into them and causing further harm. Some objects, such as furniture, appliances and individual things, which were undamaged may be removed and placed into storage until repairs and cleaning are finalized. This guarantees the security of your remaining belongings.

Repaint, Replace, Repair

After the soot and smoke odor has been eliminated, certain areas of the structure may need to be painted, restored or restructured completely as part of the fire restoration process. Occasionally cleaning will eliminate soot from walls and ceilings, however they usually need to be repainted. Occasionally flooring can be scrubbed or sanded, nevertheless in some cases it needs to be substituted, as does carpets. It is necessary to compile an inventory of items that are harmed beyond repair for filing insurance claims.

Don’t Throw Anything Away

Experiencing your personal belongings stacked in soggy heaps is very depressing; yet attempt resisting the enticement to just rent a dumpster and throw the whole thing away. While you will need to relocate things in an effort to begin fire damage cleanup, do not dispose of anything until the insurance adjuster has completed the inspection of the site. That blackened, wet couch may look useless to you, but if the stuffs of your home are covered by insurance, they still have worth and the insurance company needs that data.

Contact Us

Your property is more than a roof over your head; it is your shelter, and when it is harmed, you need to find someone you can rely to restore it. Whenever you hire a fire restoration corporation, you desire someone who will keep you well informed and let you know how the procedure is going. At Vital Restoration we work rapidly, efficiently and professionally to execute fire damage restoration solutions to get you back into your house or business as fast as possible. Call our certified fire restoration specialists today at (650) 262-4545.

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